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The association has been set up with the ambition to restore Buffalo 47 to full working order with the longer term goal of building a museum to house it.

The story starts in 1947. Following a number of storms and thaw from an exceptionally cold winter, the river close to the town of Crowland in Lincolnshire began to overflow one of its banks causing a breach. Large areas of nearby farmland were flooded and World War II amphibious vehicles known as Buffalo Landing Vehicles, Tracked, or LVTs were brought in to help seal the breach. You can read more on the history section of the website.

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Buffalo 47 on the way out of the ground after 75 years.

The recovery of the Buffalo starts in 2018. Daniel Abbott the chairman for the Crowland Buffalo LVT Association was at the time working on a project to save the last red telephone box* in the town of Crowland.

Daniel was asked by two people, Councillor Bryan Alcock and Philip Green to look into the 1947 floods. There had been rumours in the town for many years that some of the Buffalos remained in and around the breach but this had never been confirmed.

In January 2019 Daniel started researching and he was amazed at the amount of memories and photographs there were still around after all these years. Daniel knew then that some of the Buffalos must still be buried in the ground, all he had to do now was find one


Creating the museum

Here at the Buffalo headquarters, we are building up items to go on show to the public in a museum in the coming years. Daniel Abbott chairman of the association says: “The museum will be focused on the fenland floodsContinue reading “Creating the museum”

Winter is coming…

But work on the Buffalo continues… Winter is on its way but work to restore the Crowland Buffalo continues. If you’d like to be part of the team we are still looking for volunteers with the right skills and toolsContinue reading “Winter is coming…”

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*The red telephone box was saved by a committee, including Daniel and councillors Nigel Pepper and Jim Astel who raised money to have it refurbished and replaced. It is now located at a central location in the village.


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