The Buffalo engine arrives

Some exciting news in the Buffalo camp is that the replacement engine has arrived all the way from the USA. The engine, a Continental W670-9A, has seven cylinders and generates 250hp at 2,400rpm Although the W670 series was primarily designed as an aircraft engine it was used in a number of light armoured vehicles in World War II. Developed in 1936 it weighs in at close to half a ton or 500Kg.

One thing that didn’t survive all those years under ground was the existing engine. Engines are precise pieces of mechanical engineering and water and mud does take it’s toll.

Daniel says “I can not express how I’m feeling, very emotional as I didn’t think this would ever happen. Thanks to Tony, Will and Michael Sly. Please do keep donating towards getting Ernies Buffalo 47 closer to running condition. The more donations we get the higher the chances we will see the vehicle running for the 75th Anniversary of the breach in 2022.”

Once we get the engine running we will post a video but in the meantime see the video below to get the taste of one in action.

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