Creating the museum

Here at the Buffalo headquarters, we are building up items to go on show to the public in a museum in the coming years.

Daniel Abbott chairman of the association says: “The museum will be focused on the fenland floods of 1947 where here in Crowland the Buffalo LVT4 played a massive part. Before our Buffalo came to Crowland it was used in the Rhine Crossing which brings us into the wartime feel of our great-grandparents and my grandparents’ lives on the front line.

We are looking to save as many wartime items as possible that are found around the local area, also from the railways from the local area and of past area local businesses and brickyards to wartime homes.

There will be a farming section as that’s played a massive part in my life, and of some of our team. Our volunteers are doing their best to keep this history alive so everyone can learn and teach our young generation and keep this history alive for the future years to come.”

If you know of anything that you might think the association would be interested in please contact our chairman Daniel Abbott by emailing him at, calling on 07794 341468, or by post to 5 Coronation Ave, Crowland, PE6 0BW.

Raising funds for a small charity is always going to be a challenge so we decided to form the ‘Crowland Buffalo LVT Association’ (registered charity number 1200588).

If you think you might be interested in being a volunteer or know someone who is and would like to join our team, please get in contact. We are always looking for skilled workers or anyone who would like to clean items down when we are working on the Buffalo or any other items we manage to save. We also have a volunteer messenger group called the Maintenance Team.

If anyone has a low-loader, we have had an ex-RAF fuel tanker donated to the museum we looking to be collected from near Spalding if anyone can help?

If you feel you would be able to donate, please follow the link to our GOFUNDME page: Thank you to everyone who has already donated, we wouldn’t have got as far as we have without your help.

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