Buffalo gearbox takes another step forward

The Crowland Buffalo has taken another step forward with the testing of the gearbox. Getting the gearbox to this stage is due to the amazing effort and skills of DB Santasalo UK Ltd which are based in Huddersfield in West Yorkshire. DB Santasolo has been working on the Buffalo gearbox since June last year whenContinue reading “Buffalo gearbox takes another step forward”

The Buffalo gets a temporary home

The Crowland Buffalo now has a temporary home thanks to The Crown Pub at Great Casterton and Cool 4 hire. Today the Buffalo team has constructed a loaned marquee to house the Buffalo and allow work to continue. If you’re a club, association or group and are interested in visiting the Buffalo please get inContinue reading “The Buffalo gets a temporary home”

The Buffalo gets some fresh paint

There’s a buzz in the Buffalo camp this week with the painting of the cockpit and hood. Work has also been done to protect the rest of the original paintwork which will be retained on other areas of the Buffalo. This is a major step forward in its restoration and could only have been doneContinue reading “The Buffalo gets some fresh paint”

Batteries removed from the Buffalo

We are currently sourcing new batteries for the buffalo after we removed the original batteries over the weekend. The original batteries made by Autolite are in relatively good condition considering how long they have been in the ground but of course don’t have any power. Autolite itself can be traced back to 1911. During theContinue reading “Batteries removed from the Buffalo”

The Buffalo engine arrives

Some exciting news in the Buffalo camp is that the replacement engine has arrived all the way from the USA. The engine, a Continental W670-9A, has seven cylinders and generates 250hp at 2,400rpm Although the W670 series was primarily designed as an aircraft engine it was used in a number of light armoured vehicles inContinue reading “The Buffalo engine arrives”

Buffalo 47 Gearbox heads off for restoration

The gearbox has now been removed from the buffalo and sent to DB Santasalo who have volunteered to clean and restore it which is great news so thanks to them. Thanks also to Crowland Cranes Ltd for their help in loading. This is probably the first time this part has been out since 1944 andContinue reading “Buffalo 47 Gearbox heads off for restoration”