Historian Dan Snow visits the Buffalo 47

Historian Dan Snow visited the Buffalo to find out more about the project.

Dan Snow is a writer and has presented a host of documentaries for the BBC and Channel Five including the mini-series 1066: A Year to Conquer England and WW1 Uncut and now runs History Hit – a popular podcast and subscription streaming service.

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Cleaning progresses

Work to clean 74 years of mud and debris from the Buffalo continues.

One of our volunteers Colin scraping mud off one of the pontoons.

Since the Buffalo arrived at it’s new home most of the work has been around cleaning mud and water from the vehicle and try to protect it from the ever present threat of rust and further corrosion. Although being under the ground has protected it somewhat, it was also has meant that mud has penetrated into almost every available gap. Our hard working team of volunteers are working on it though.

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Above ground for the first time in 74 years

After four days of excavation and hard work Buffalo 47 has reached the surface.

The excavation started on Friday 23 April after the suspect site for the Buffalo site was located by GPS. North Level Drainage Board provided the excavator to move the huge amount of soil needed to get to the depth required. The eureka moment came when we located the Gun Shield at lunch time the same day. Over the next three days we continued to carefully excavate mud and it was an exciting time as more of the Buffalo became uncovered.

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