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Firstly thank you for visiting. The aim of this project is to restore Buffalo 47 to working condition and in the longer-term build a museum to house it but we can only do that with your support. Crowland Buffalo will cost many thousands to restore but we feel it’s an important piece of local and national history and well worth the huge amount of work it will take.

“I had a dream that I walked into a building and the Buffalo was standing in front of me and everything I worked hard on for the past three years was behind it on show. It was quite uncanny.”

Daniel Abbott, Chairman of the Crowland Buffalo Association.

We are an independent charity entirely dependent upon volunteers and the income from donations. Daniel Abbott is the Chairman for the charity, Cathi Elphee is the secretary and we have other volunteers who are in charge of specific aspects of the Buffalo’s restoration.

Companies we would already like to thank include CBL Engineering, Crowland Cranes, DB Santasalo, North Level Drainage Board, and Tears Recovery.

Volunteer stories
Here we feature some stories from our volunteers.
Alistair MacDonald
Cathi Elphee
Mike Goodliffe
Simon Hughes

As we continue to work on Buffalo 47, we are looking for volunteers with auto-electrical expertise, machinists, and fabricators.

Please contact us if you would like to be involved in this historic project. The experience would look great on anyone’s CV, especially for someone who works in jobs such as mechanical engineering.

We welcome donations of any size and you can make a donation on our Go Fund Me page. It doesn’t matter how much, every donation will make a difference. If you wish to support the project in some other way or make a donation direct from your bank please contact us.

Remember none of your donation goes towards CEOs or expensive advertising campaigns, there are no paid members of staff employed in administrative functions, it is a volunteer-led project so all of your donation goes into the vehicle itself. Also being a small charity even small donations can make a significant difference. Be assured that every penny we spend will be spent wisely.

Thank you to everyone who has already worked on the project or donated, we will keep you informed of progress on Facebook and Twitter.

Our registered charity number is: 1200588

And a final thank you to Adam Miller for building and continuing to manage the website on a voluntary basis.


If you would like to support the restoration click here to find out how you can.

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