Volunteer Stories – Cathi Elphee

From left to right Pete Issitt, Dan Snow, Cathi, Daniel Abbott and Nick Day.

Cathi is the secretary for the charity and tells us why she first got involved. “Well, growing up in Crowland you hear the tales of the 1947 floods and how the town pulled together, so when Daniel started the project, myself and a few other friends got involved and formed the committee with him.

“From there we started looking into the research, speaking to local people about their memories and having stands at local shows to spread the word about the project.

Excerpt from a diary written by Cathi’s late mother.

“During this time I also found a diary, written by my late mother, from the time of the floods. I had never seen this before, although it had obviously always been in that drawer all my life. It was such an interesting read and is currently in the local history section at Crowland Library.

Wind in the evening was strong enought to lean on. The lightning and wind fused the electric lights all over the town.

Written by Cathi’s mother, sUNDAY 16th MARCH 1947.

“Now we have recovered the buffalo, getting mucky cleaning clay from it was never going to be my thing, so my job is to take photographs and update the Facebook pages, selling our merchandise and helping to promote the project at shows.

“I am happy to be involved, especially as I have the memory of tales told to me but my mum. I am just sorry that she was not here to see us recover the buffalo and to bring it back through Crowland in May this year. I am sure she would have loved to see that and would have gotten involved in the project.

“We are helping to preserve and record local history for future generations…”

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